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Minor Side Effects of Hair Transplant
Minor Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Side Effects Of Hair Transplant (Minimum)

Side Effects of Hair Transplant:

Side Effects more than the positive side our mind is now redirected to think the other end as well because of which we started looking for such topics on Google search or on this blog. Since we have taken an initiative to let you know all A – Z of Hair Transplant it is important for you to know the real side effects or Minor side effects of hair transplant in India or US or in any part of the world.

In today’s world, we can sometimes let go if someone gives you the crappy reason to outstand you by comparing with others or a wardrobe malfunctioning in a party for a sec can also be ignored, but you won’t ignore something which is truth related to your original looks or hair.

Yeah, you got it right – Hair Loss. Getting the right hair loss cure treatments at the right time from the right person is also important to maintain equilibrium in your life. Solution to this is definitely hair transplant which is safer if and only if you do it from the right Plastic or expert cosmetic surgeon.

There are Minor complications or side effects that can or may occur so its much important for a hair replacement patient to know more in advance. Here are the 10 side effects.

1. Thinning

Once you have a hair transplant surgery you may find that the hair you have has actually got thinner.

Need not worry – since this is a normal post-operative condition and the thickness of the hair will come back within a period of 25 – 35 days after the surgery.

2. Bleeding

This one can be considered as the side effect of hair transplant surgery which includes some bleeding as well. Putting pressure on the area will usually stop the bleeding. In rare condition, the bleeding doesn’t stop thereby give rise for extra backup features to be done which only an expert surgeon can do.

(Please Note: Medical Test are conducted before undergoing hair restoration just to know the bleeding time. So proper care is taken by most of the clinics even by the fraud clinics.)

(Free Advice: If you are using Turmeric Milk daily then will recommend you that even though Turmeric has many advantages, its one disadvantage cannot be ignored i.e. blood thinning which may support more bleeding so better stop having turmeric milk at least one week before your hair transplant schedule surgery.)

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 3. Pain

Even though we expressed hair transplant to be a safe process with one of the member expressing his interest to shoot his own hair transplant video in the selfie mode during his own surgery. Still, there involves a minute pain i.e before the hair removal process from the back of your head or from legs or even from the beard.

Local anesthesia is injected in the head after which you feel relax since the effect of anesthesia helps you get the entire hair transplant truly painless. For a while, you may don’t even feel you came for hair transplant since you don’t feel what’s going on in your head.

4. Itching

Initially, it is usual that you may feel itching especially on the same day you do your hair transplant surgery. However, it disappears after a week .Use of right recommended shampoo by the surgeon can help you to reduce this problem forever.

(Please Note: I was been given a pain killer of low dose so I feel itching only on the day of hair transplant not later on)

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5. Swelling

This is also normal that you will feel swelling after hair transplant surgery especially in the frontal forehead and around the eyes. I and my 4 friends have experienced this swelling on the 4th day after the hair treatment surgery.

6. Numbness

Yet another rare but minor side effect of hair transplant is numbness. Patients typically report feeling numbness for several weeks after the surgery. However, this is only temporary.

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7. Hiccups

Even though it’s one of the most rare cases, but still can’t be ignored. One side effect of hair transplant is having a case of the hiccups after the procedure.

It is seen almost rare 3% – 5% of the world hair transplant patients have this problem but it can be troublesome if it lasts more than a few days since it can keep you from eating or sleeping properly.

If such cases occur, better refer your plastic surgeon, (MBBS doctor will fail in such case and may not give you a proper solution) since he knows your case better and can give medications that can help to recover.

8. Infections

Even though rare, infections can also occur with hair transplant surgery.

Antibiotics are given these days that too before and after the procedure to prevent infections this is the reason why we don’t hear such cases. So don’t get worried too much about this possible side effects.

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9. Cysts

Cysts can appear in the area where mostly the hair is being transplanted which is also called as the recipient areas. But you guys need not worry since they usually don’t last for more than a few weeks and are rarely more than the size of small pimples.

10. Scarring

If you have keloid scarring after hair transplant surgery, it is probably because you are genetically inclined to have it. Very infrequently, patients have scarring that takes the form of ridges.

Out of the above problems, you may think all are minor but you should not ignore BleedingEspecially for those having turmeric milk daily to have a healthy life for a lifetime. So as a solution makes sure you stop having a turmeric milk at least one week before any surgeries or operations in your life.

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