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Planned Hairline Before Hair Transplant

Importance of Planned Hairline Before the Hair Transplant Surgery.

Importance of Planned Hairline in Hair Transplant Surgery. (Hair Transplant Failure)

Hairline, Hairline, and Hairline – It’s all about the hairline which brings about the exact change or success in the overall Hair Transplant decisions of an individual. Planned Hairline Before Hair Transplant is one of the essential features of the entire hair transplant procedure.

A good hairline can bring an overall change in your looks thereby bringing an increase in the level of confidence leading to a successful life ahead whereas a wrong hairline can lead to an uneasy feeling throughout your life thereby degrading your level of confidence which may even effect on the overall results or plans for rest of your life.

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It is mostly observed that 60% of the hair transplant patients play with the hairline or Hair Transplant quality which leads to suffering for the entire life later.

Choosing a Non-Surgeon to save few thousand for quality or getting fooled by various hair transplant clinics marketing or sales consultant is the next biggest sufferings most of them have experienced during their hair transplant process.

Name: Rohit Reddy

Profession: ONGC Plant Officer (age 42 yrs)

Why Planned Hairline?

I am not sure whether this blog will ever post my article since I have shared this with multiple Hair transplant clinic’s but only one of them have shared that too after editing some major comments of my experience which I really never liked.

I am not here to tell all goodie fake experience but the real experience of mine in which I suffered and don’t want anyone to suffer leading to overall failure of my research of 4 months in this Hair regrowth topic.

Hair Transplant in South of India (i.e. Hair Transplant in Bangalore, Hair Transplant in Hyderabad, Hair Transplant in Chennai, etc) is not that easy. Since there is a high possibility of you getting fooled by your own. I went to multiple clinics in order to research about Hair Treatment since I am a person who was not interested in having even a single scratch of surgery on my body. So when I decided to have it – I need to be 100% confident.

I did almost all research about this rare topic via Online search or via Offline Hair transplant clinic’s Info. I almost spend Rs 5,700 only on consulting charges so you can think at what level I must have done research in those 4 months before having my actual hair transplant.

I was now aware and confident on most of those topics and was all set to do it.

You won’t believe that I made one mistake and the entire Hair Regain plans went for a toss. That is, not to have a hairline decided or drawn on the day of my first consulting visit to the clinic. I got so much involved with a person who almost started in my mother tongue. Even though I made this mistake I still had a chance to repair it but again I did it, on the day of my hair treatment or Hair transplant surgery.

On the day of my Hair Regain Treatment surgery, I almost found everything going smoothly initially.

Since, the First phase of surgery, Started around 10:30 am – It was the responsibility of the surgeon for removing the donor tissues (also called as hair removal process in which Hair grafts or Hair tissues are removed) from the back side of your scalp (or the part of the body selected for hair removal) and moves on the suturing the area closed.

(Please Note: Most Important – Get your hairline drawn using measuring instrument and not by hands there may be a possibility of hairline going up & down from one end.)

It was around 11 am, I felt uneasy and fade for a while because of which the surgery was stopped for 15 min. Again, we continued but after 1 hour 10+ min’s I felt uneasy and fade again. This time, the surgeon decided to take a call not to go ahead since it was the second time.

“Why Hair Transplant to be done only by a plastic surgeon”

 After having a break of 30 minutes for mini lunch we again decided to continue our second phase of surgery.

The first thing after lunch they did was to draw a hairline on my frontal part of the head. I was somewhat not happy with the hairline drawn but at least decided to go with whatever it’s possible.

Now, it was the duty of the trained technician to insert those removed grafts or hair tissues. This removed hair tissues or grafts extracted right from the root looks like this;

Hair Transplant Hair Tissues

Tissues are then handed over to the trained technicians for dissection into grafts. These grafts are then placed one by one in a systematic step by step approach into the balding area by a team of trained technicians under the supervision of the surgeon.

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Observations :

  • Always have a hairline decided on the day of your 1st consulting visit.
  • Always get the hairline drawn again on the day of your surgery even before starting for the Hair Transplant Operation or Hair Transplant removal process.
  • Have a healthy breakfast in the morning on the day of the Hair Treatment surgery since during lunch time you need to have light food items.
  • Always have your top 100 best songs to be heard on the day of your surgery – so that you stay busy during the surgical procedure.
  • (Note: Please select songs which you may not have heard for the last 10 days else you might get bored listening to it again)
  • Do count (If hair tissues measurable instrument available) or better ask for the number of grafts or hair tissues removed. It gives a clear idea about the number of grafts to be implanted on your head or required the desired hairline.


  • Always have a hairline drawn on your very first visit with proper images obtained as a proof, since initially promised hairline and the hairline is drawn on the day of surgery may differ in shape or style.
  • Why I used to feel uneasy and go blank, again and again, this can be because of three reasons Firstly, I was sleeping on my back on top (position to which humans are not addicted to staying for a long) and Second was due to idle position on bed where my brain was also idle and was thinking lot of things  during this time which is common (Thirdly – Stress) among most of the IT, Marketing, Sales or pressure related jobs. (One should stay busy listening to songs since it will divert and keep your mind busy at such hair removal process even if you sleep on your back on top)
  • Since I went blank twice, the grafts removed was less so this fewer grafts got adjusted on my hairline (In my case hairline was drawn in the second phase as marked in yellow in the above discussion) thereby spoiling my frontal looks.
  • Also, will advice never to go for a low-cost hair transplant, since low cost may directly lead to less effort during surgery.

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