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What is Hair Weaving? Hair Transplant Better than Hair Weaving.

Hair Weaving and Hair Transplant in Detail.

“Hair Weaving” or “Hair Extensions”  – We are aware that you might have heard about it or eager to know which is the best hair treatment procedure, but confused which should you implement and why – Hair Transplant or Hair Weaving and which method can save cost as well.

The Chronic problem which most of the guys in the age of 25-35 years suffer is mostly because of Hormonal Imbalance, Imbalanced diet, Stress, Intake of junk food, smoking, dandruff, scalp infection, pollution, improper sleep, etc.

More than men, Hair is now a day’s considered as one of the precious Ornament for female as well. You may have seen many women, especially who have a dark and long hair, demonstrate a life force. You may also observe the most common among these women’s is that they are more possessive about their hair and that resembles a love affair.
Let us understand that there is two main treatment process involved in Hair treatment solution;

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  • Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving is a kind of hair integration done artificially. Commonly referred as “Human Hair Extensions” or “Hair Fixing”. With the help of this method, hair can either be lengthened or extended.

It involves the use of artificial or natural hair which is woven or integrated into one’s natural hair to make it longer, fuller or to create a hairstyle which can be either straight, wavy or curly and in whichever color of choice you like. The various weaving types that are popular include netting, lace extensions, tracking, bonding, etcetera, and micro-branding. Let’s see through various valid points why hair transplant is better than hair weaving.

Difference between Hair Weaving and Hair Transplant:

1). Who can perform hair treatment

Hair Weaving can be provided by any Non- medical practitioner whereas Hair Transplant is entitled to be done only by a Surgeon that too plastic or expert cosmetic surgeon.

2). Pain

In Hair Weaving, there is no pain since in involves stick method over your scalp whereas in Hair Transplant, local anesthesia is injected directly into your head else no pain in the rest of the surgery.

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3). Location

A Hair Weaving can be completed in a hair salon or even at home while seated whereas a Hair Transplant has conducted in a medical hair transplant clinic or hospital only with proper operation theater and proper hair transplant bed with head support.

4). Required.

The time required for Hair Weaving is too less sometimes hardly less than an hour whereas in Hair Transplant it takes entire one single day for the minimum of 2500 grafts to be planted i.e. for one session in which the patient can go home the same day.

5). Quality over time.

With time, the quality of hair that is weaved in the scalp might get disturbed for which you may need to consult again within a period of 6 months whereas the quality of hair over time gets better and it usually shows result from 3rd month to 7th month.

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6). Damaging Side Effects.

Hair Weaves that are conducted without glues or adhesives do not usually damage your hair. Cornrow weaving can cause traction alopecia, making balding worse.

Hair Transplant conducted by a skilled hair transplant surgeon, usually have no significant long term side effects and also the results are permanent.

7). Number of settings required.

For hair weaving, you can definitely add volume to your hair immediately after you take up the treatment whereas in hair transplant you will not get immediate hair volume as the newly transplanted hair shed off after certain days mostly after 25 – 35 days from the day you have your hair transplant. Also, you may require 2 – 3 additional sessions in order to cover your entire baldness. (One session can have max 2500 grafts)

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8). Temporary or Permanent.

Hair Weaving is temporary as the process involves a temporary solution in which the hair may get removed from the scalp if not treated or consulted carefully after every 4 – 6 months whereas in hair transplant there is permanent hair growth from 35-40 days onwards from the surgery date. This shows that even after taking a hair transplant surgery, then he or she should not be shocked as this process is normal and gives results over a period of time that too permanent.

9). Cost

  • The Cost of Hair Weaving is comparatively less to hair transplant. However, if you want to maintain it for a long you need to be flexible with your wallet as well since you need to invest some on the consulting charges or maintenance charges every six months.
  • “Hair Transplant Cost” is almost double the cost of hair weaving since it involves the use of expert surgeon. However, the cost of hair transplant has gone down due to recent competition in cities like Mumbai & Delhi which has now forced most of them to prefer hair Transplant instead of hair weaving. Also, this competition or demand in hair transplant has also given more demand for fake clinics in India and overall where Non-Surgeons with no proper knowledge are used for surgeries.

So this makes a clear edge over Hair Weaving that Hair Transplant Treatments are much better, safer and cost effective than any other hair treatment methods these days.

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