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Hair Transplant Mumbai
Hair Transplant Mumbai

Hair Transplant Mumbai – Surgery, Cost, Clinic, Types & Reviews (Recommended)

Hair Transplant Mumbai – Cost, Types & Reviews.

“Hair Transplant in Mumbai” or “Hair Transplant Mumbai is one of the highest search keyword in a country called India followed with “Hair Transplant in Delhi” keyword. Right here more than targeting each one of the readers on this ultimate trusted blog (which most of the websites do) will like to bring the real truth of this Industry and will like to educate more on this Hair Transplant topics much in detail.

Let’s begin with how these keywords “Hair Transplant in Mumbai” or “Cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai” makes 90% of the Hair Transplant patients to suffer. Yeah, you are reading it right. We are saying this based on a detail research which you will hardly find on any other website.

Let me explain you with a practical example on how you get fooled by Google results to other necessary topics you need to know on Hair replacement or Hair Restoration.

  1. Fooled using Google Search Method

Step 1:  Search “Hair Transplant in Mumbai Cost”or “Mumbai Hair Transplant Cost” on Google Search.

You will see somewhat like this

Hair Transplant Fraud Techniques
Hair Transplant Fraud Techniques

Let me explain you with a simple logic.

The top four results here you see in the above image are the Google Paid Ads for which these clinics are investing Rs 168 ,Rs 153,Rs 138,Rs 110 respectively to come in the  1st ,2nd ,3rd & 4th display search result  spot respectively (Click rates as per 1st April 2017)

Means apart from the main result Google has been paid to put some Ads so that you can click. Since most of them are lazy to see the entire page results and always prefer to click the first four search results because of this nature most of them have suffered & learned a great lesson in their life with respect to Hair Transplant and Health.

Most of this Clinic invests around Rs 7 – 9 Lacs per month on Google to come especially in these top search results.

Now, if they are investing so much only to come forcefully in the first four result don’t expect them to do your Hair Transplant in anything less than Rs 50,000 for 2500 Grafts. If less then this amount definitely they will compromise either on Surgeon or trained technicians cost.

(If you visit these clinics – we are dam sure they will convince you saying that they don’t invest so much or will say some other reasons, we are saying this based on the experience of  the 21 authorized members of this blogs who started this Hair Transplant Indian Blog out of which 8 have also suffered to do Hair Transplant again)

Next, if you do a research you will find most of the clinics doing gambling with the price – By using Non Surgeons or MBBS Doctors who were initially in their dispensary clinics (which is very risky for a Hair Transplant Patients) or may employee some Untrained Technicians who works on hardly 10k -15k per month salary (Don’t expect them to put more focus on your hair transplant since anything above 2500 grafts in a day will be truly useless.)

Please Note:-

(There are exceptions where the Cost of Hair Treatment in Mumbai is above Rs 70,000 and maintain high standard professionals who even invest in Google paid Ad display results but be alert there are many Fake Clinics as well who quote at this high price with non-surgeons)

In such a case better first confirm –Plastic Surgeon, Trained Technician’s and others … For this, you can read this article here.

How to Identify Best Hair Transplant Clinic in India


15 must known facts about Hair Transplant Industry

  1. Is Hair Transplant Safe

Yes, definitely because of the process involved in it. It has two methods – FUE and FUT, in both the cases the patients go home on the same day of surgery.

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Fraud Hair transplant experience in Mira Road, Mumbai”.

We are aware about this most frequently asked questions on every Hair transplant blog is whether Hair treatment is safe or not and the other 76% interested in knowing the price for Hair Transplant more than focusing on quality.

  1. Famous Celebrities who did Hair Replacement Surgery

  There are Many Celebrities Like Salman Khan, Sourabh Ganguly, Shane Warne, etc who did hair transplant and recovered from severe hair loss.

  1. Cases when Hair Transplant Fails.

  • If you among those fools who are trying for Hair Transplant around Rs 20,000 – Rs 35,000 then definitely expect it to be a fraud or failure or you have definitely compromised on cost more than quality.
  • There is one Fraud Clinic in Andheri (W)- Mumbai which doesn’t have any surgeons  and also they offer Unlimited Hair Transplant at Rs 49,999 which is the biggest fraud. Since the name of the doctor on their website is also fake. Skin consultant lady is referred to you as hair doctor.
  • We are also sure there won’t be any Plastic Surgeons in such clinics since these plastic surgeons themselves cost Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 per surgery or operation.
  • Its true there has been deaths reported due to hair transplant in Mumbai and Chennai due to hair transplant done from wrong clinic which in order to save cost uses MBBS doctors or doctors not from the hair transplant domain.
  1. Types of Hair Transplant Surgeries or Operations.

Hair Weaving

It involves use of artificial or natural hair which is woven or integrated into one’s natural hair to make it longer, fuller  or to create a hairstyle which can be either straight, wavy or curly and in whichever colour of choice you like.

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 Why Hair Transplant is better than Hair Weaving”.

 Method we support here via “Book an Appointment+ Discounts” is FUE only since most of the Plastic Surgeon find it a natural and permanent solution even though it is time-consuming for both patient and Surgeon. 

  1. Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai.

Hair Transplant Mumbai Cost starts from Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,55,000.

(We do cheap and affordable Hair Transplant in Mumbai with Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons @ Rs 45,000 plus other offers which can reduce it to lower as per the Hair Transplant offers provided by the Surgeon

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Mumbai is done at low rate with surgeon paying only the bed cost per day and not monthly fixed payment. So,no forced operations done here.

Why Low Cost ?

  1. Since there is No Marketing Nor Sales Agent involved with no salary or commissions to be made to anyone which help us to reduce cost.

    7. Type of Hair Transplant Offers:

  1. To and Fro Ola Cab Travel from Home to Clinic and return.
  2. Hair Transplant Offers from Monday to Thursday.
  3. Hair Transplant Offers during Festivals
  4. Flat Hair Transplant Offers to promote good plastic Surgeons Hair transplant.

For more coupon code Read Here 

  • There are overall 89 Clinics in Mumbai and also has the highest number of fraud clinics in Mumbai followed with Delhi. so better educate and be alert.

Why Hair Transplant Offers”?

  • As we already discussed in other articles that we don’t promote by investing on Google Paid Ad Campaigns, nor on Marketing nor on Sales agents in between only blog and mouth to mouth publicity.
  • Also, you will never find any Surgeons promoting in India since it’s against the law.
  • Since, the flow of amount is directly in the benefit of the Quality of Hair Transplant so we can provide Hair Treatment offers as well.
  • Every step of your hair transplant right from initial consulting to free PRP, you will find the discipline and authorised professionalism so that you can trust for quality.
Flat Hair Transplant Discount Rs 2000

(Use Promo Code for Mumbai: HTIM2000 for Rs 2000 discount)

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Why Hair Transplant below Rs 40,000 is not possible via plastic Surgeon

Feel free to comment on your experience in Mumbai for Hair Transplant below.

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