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Hair Transplant – Facts, Steps, Surgery & Cost (Basics of Hair Transplant)

Hair Transplant – Facts, Steps, Surgery & Cost (Basics of Hair Transplant)

Hair Transplant India or Hair Transplant Indian teams main motto is to educate individuals in every single aspect of this topic so that you get 100% satisfied via our referral and feel happy as well as proud that you got the “Best Hair Transplant Treatment” referred ever, We will discuss about major hair transplant facts here,for more read the article below in detail on all about the basics of Hair Transplant Surgery facts and myths.

We will go in the order of approach from Initial short listings to Final day (i.e. after 6 months)

1.) Decide Your Hairline:

  • It is good to know the type of hairline you are more interested to have. After all, it’s all about your looks which will matter the most, changes in the hairline or a good hairline can bring an overall change in your personality thereby creating a high level of confidence within you or vice versa.
  • For which you should check the “Different  Types of Hairline in Men” which can suit you. Since some may like Tom Moody while some may like Salman Khan style hairline. This all varies on individuals’ interest and nature.

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2.) Type of Hair Transplant Grade Level – A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7. (Hair Transplant Facts)

  • It is mandatory to know the type of hair loss you are suffering from.
  • Grade 1 level – It’s the initial stage where a person mostly has hair loss in forehead position whereas Grade 7 level is the one where a person suffers from baldness and needs hair transplant on urgent basis.
  • Grade Levels” also called as Norwood Scale Hairline Structure” in hair transplant industry helps you and your doctor to identify how much approximate grafts i.e. the “No of hair in one single root is required (and not per hair) for your hair transplant surgery.

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3.) Shortlist Hair Transplant Clinics (Initial Stage) :

  • Don’t shortlist based on Websites or Videos on YouTube or most common – Via Google Search Paid Ads that comes first on Google Search Engine instead refer a good reviews site or simply refer this blog or below link to view all must know articles on this topic.

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4.) Need for Plastic Surgeon (Most Crucial):

  • Here most important – Get it clear on your own – Is he exactly a “Plastic Surgeon or MBBS Doctor or any other normal Doctor referred as Surgeon”. If not a plastic surgeon better you withdraw. Else all your research or education of life will be a truly wasted if you tend to take this risk.
  • Please Note this crucial eye opener point : (A “Low-Cost Hair Transplant” or “Hair Transplant Cost at low rate” will definitely have a Non-Plastic Surgeons doing your hair transplant operation in India since surgeons associated with others clinics will charge more, thereby increasing the overall cost of hair transplant operation. )

Feel Free to Book an Appointment where you directly deal with trained 22+yrs  Surgeon doctor and  No Sales or Marketing members or ad agency in between.

Book An Appointment @ Rs 45,000

5.) Check for Reviews about Doctors and Clinics :

Please do verify the “Doctors Name” &  “Valid Degree” (Be alert – Most of the clinic’s or doctors may show you fake degrees or fake confidence of words.)

Two steps to be noted:

Step 1: –

  • Detail Research about the doctor via friends or via Google Search Results and not reference or website images provided by hair transplant clinics or doctors since you might get fooled

Step 2:-

  • Make sure the same Plastic Surgeon and not MBBS or any other doctor or nurse (called a sister in medical terms) or few weeks trained technicians doing your hair transplant.

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6.) Need for Trained Technician Staff.

  • Simple but powerful Logic: Lower the cost of Hair Transplant more the chances of you getting fooled. (eg Rs 25,000 -Rs 35,000)
  • Here Most Important: Get it clear on your own – Does the clinic or hospital has Trained Technicians or any Nurse or professional looking employee with NO Knowledge of hair transplant.
  • Trained Technicians is the exact need of this hair transplant operation since they are the one who is responsible for implanting hair transplant in the donor area under the guidance of plastic surgeon.

7.) Need for Standard Operation Theater :

  • It is mandatory to have a Standard Operation Theater and operation equipment since it can play a major role to measure your Blood Pressure or Heartbeat rate and few other in case of sudden emergency during live operations.
  • IT Sector / Sales / Marketing people are advised to take special care of this point since due to an irregular sleeping position during hair removal process for a long time may lead to high risk of you facing a stress level of your job at this point because of which you may go totally blank during operation. So proper operation theater like this below can definitely get your hair transplant in safe and in a professional way;


(For risk-free with best standard operation theater in Hair Transplant India(n)- Book an Appointment here)

8.) Extraction or Removal of an exact number of minimum grafts.

  • Get it Clear: How many Grafts will be extracted on the day of Hair Transplant. 2000 Grafts or 2500 Grafts anything beyond 2500 grafts may put a high question on quality since surgeons & trained technicians are humans and not robots who are been paid on a monthly basis so they do have restrictions on working hours as well.

(Why “Grafts” and not “Per Hair” to be calculated for hair transplant cost or Hair transplant surgical procedure)

9.) Cost of Total Hair Transplant (Including & Excluding feature)

Get it Clear: Don’t Ignore this, since there is a high chance of you getting fooled. Make sure that you get a clear overall cost of Hair Transplant and check whether the below features are included or excluded in the cost told to you.

  • Consultancy Fees for the 1st visit with the Medical expert.
  • Calculated cost as per grafts and not as per hair.
  • Service tax or other taxes included or not.
  • Breakfast included or excluded.
  • The cost of medicines after surgery included or excluded.
  • Operation sterilized hygiene operation types of equipment included or excluded.
  • The cost of 3 PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) free hair treatment given after 6 months of hair transplant surgery for free or at some cost.
  • Hospital Stay charges. ( Only for outstation members)

Please Note:

(Even though hair transplant surgery is done within a day (7- 9 hours) still hospital free stay facilities has been offered for outstation candidates in our blog referral process as per orders.)

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10.) Type of Hair Transplant to be Implemented.

  • Get it Clear: Let the Clinic know you came for which type of Hair Transplant (FUE) and (FUT) anywhere in Hair Transplant India.

11.) Number of Sessions Required for Hair Transplant India.

  • Get it Clear: How many numbers of Hair Transplant Sessions required for Full Hair Transplant to be completed with its corresponding cost.
  • If you are in grade level 5 or more you may need to have 2 sessions of hair transplant. So do get it clear on the 1st visit itself.

12.) Extraction of Hair area :

  • Get it Clear: From which part of the body will be the Donar area for Hair Transplant considered (Donar – Part from where hair needs to be extracted or removed). Most of the time hair is removed from the backside of the head where the volume of hair growth is high.

13.) Schedule Day & Time for Hair Transplant Surgery.

  • Get it Clear: Exact Day & Time Shortlisted for Hair Transplant. Get it by email or SMS as proof on a safe side.

14.) Rise and Fall pattern of Hair Transplant.

  • You should be aware that the hair growth of a hair transplant patient behaves like a natural hair and therefore it sheds between two to four weeks of transplant. The roots thereafter sprout again to grow hair naturally and continue to grow for a lifetime. 

15.) The number of Free PRP after 6 Months:

  • Try to know how many free PRP’s will be given to you.

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