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FUT Hair Transplant Surgery Mumbai India

FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai Cost Surgery (Step by Step)

FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai Cost Surgery. (Step by Step)

In today’s edition of this blog, I Ramesh Lakhani (Dentist – 13 yrs Root canal expert) like to tell you the simple steps carried out in this Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT Hair Transplant) hair Treatment surgery which I experienced in my initial days of hair regrowth surgery.

This is one of the latest techniques which are permanent and they pick up follicular clusters of hair which is called as the Follicular Hair Transplantation also called as “FUT”. These FUT can be done in two simple ways – “Strip Harvesting” and “Follicular Unit Extraction” (FUE).

Strip Harvesting Method, the skin strips with good hair growth are planted on balding areas whereas in Follicular Unit Extraction hair clusters with their roots are manually removed and planted at the hairless site.
The below step by step presentation along with the images to show you how today’s state of the art “Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Procedure” is normally performed.

Today’s hair transplant surgery is a one-day outpatient procedure requiring only local anesthesia.
Consider the case of Allen D (Infosys, Business Analyst) where he was shooting his own hair transplant video. For more comfort on this topic please read;

FUT Hair Transplant Surgery Step are as follows;

Step 1: Patient is prepared for a FUT hair transplant.

During the procedure of hair transplant, surgery hair follicles from the back of the head that are genetically resistant to going bald will be removed and relocated (transplanted) to the balding areas.

Step 2: Donar Area is trimmed.

In the initial stage, before the start of the hair replacement surgery the donor area (Area from where the hair needs to be removed – it can be from back side of head or from chest or legs, etc) are trimmed so that some inspection can be done through microscopic way before the hair tissues or grafts are removed.

Step 3: Donor Area is prepared for surgery.

Once the Donar area is prepared the first step that is carried out is giving out local anesthesia in the area where hair needs to be removed. After some minutes, the area can be now used for removing your hair tissues or grafts in a step by step manner.

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Step 4: Donor tissues are removed.

The donor Tissues containing the bald hair follicles is then surgically removed.

Step 5: Donor area is sutured.

The donor tissues containing the bald resistant hair follicles are then surgically removed.

Step 6: Hair combed over sutures.

When the patient’s hair is combed over the donor area the sutures are not visible. These sutures are typically removed approximately in ten days after the hair transplant surgery.

Step 7: Donor tissues are trimmed into follicular unit grafts.

Now, it’s the role of the Surgical Technicians to use microscopes to view the donor tissue in order to dissect and prepare follicular unit hair grafts.

Step 8: Bald recipient area is prepared.

Since the local anesthesia, the balding recipient area is ready for hair transplant. No trimming or shaving of hair is needed in the top recipient area.

Step 9: Incisions are made in the balding area.

Tiny Incisions are made in the recipient areas in irregular patterns. The follicular unit grafts will then be placed carefully through these tiny incisions.

Step 10: Grafts are placed into the incisions.

Follicular unit grafts are gently placed into the recipient incisions

Step 11: Positioning the hairline.

Care is taken that the smallest one and two hair grafts are placed in the very front of the hairline, with three and four hair grafts placed behind them.
Typically the smallest one and two hair grafts are placed in the very front of the hairline, with three and four hair grafts placed behind them.

Step 12: Initial conditions i.e. patient immediately after a hair transplant.

After completing the hair transplant surgery, a patient will have hundreds of tiny incisions with short hair stubble showing from the new grafts.

Step 13: Close View of a hair transplant

The tiny grafts incisions heal rapidly. The redness and scabbing in the recipient area normally clear up within about one week.

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