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Fraud Hair Transplant Doctors Surgeons
Fraud Hair Transplant Doctors Surgeons

Fraud Hair Transplant Doctors Surgeons in Mumbai.

Cancellation of schedule Hair Treatment or Hair Transplant Surgery.

Let me Introduce my case of a Mumbai Hair Transplant in India, It was in the late December 2015 that I decided to have a Hair Treatment for my frontal as well as on my crown area of head (Exact mid back side of head)

Name:  Akash Janardhan.

Profession: Works in Top Investment Banking Firm.

The clinic I visited was in Andheri West (Mumbai), looks like a proper clinic and not a residential 1 BHk or 2 BHK flat as told by someone on this blog.

“How I escape from a Fraud Hair Transplant Clinic”

I shortlisted this blog based on the search results shown by Google. (One of the biggest mistake I did).

I got the number from the website and fixed an appointment with them.

I went inside, I was introduced well by the receptionist.

The reception area was superb with all types of hair transplant & other cosmetic surgery past results images.

I was later introduced to a Hair Transplant or other cosmetic surgery consultant who introduced me all about her and about the clinic. (Every time she used to say that “I am not here to convenience you if you want you do it else don’t – No force at all”) this statement was almost more convincing and I got trapped right here.

I got my hair line set – and was finally introduced to a Plastic Surgeon who just arrived at that movement. (I got a clue that there may not be any surgery or operation or Hair transplant on that day)

When the respective surgeon was introduced, I decided to have a detailed talk  after 25 min’s I got almost 100% sure that I need to do my Hair Transplant only at this clinic and it will be best.

Why I got impressed – since I never find him convincing me, he told me about his experience, his respect for the profession and the respectful way he had with one more cosmetic surgery patient next to me.

(Note: It was my wrong call to take a decision spontaneously)

“For Other Cosmetic Surgeries Info Read Here”

I decided to go ahead and made a half initial booking amount since I want to take a firm decision.

(Note: Never make payment on your very first visit instead better go home and research”)

I went home and on the same night I decided to go deep on this “Hair Transplant topic” through multiple websites (even though this blog doesn’t exist those days)

I was lucky to find that I was going to do my hair transplant from a good experience surgeon and not from MBBS doctors or any BHMS or other good looking skin doctor introduced to you as a hair transplant doctor.

Exactly one night before the main operation schedule date, luckily I decided to check the website of that clinic – I found that the respective surgeon to whom I was introduced because of whom I took an initiative to go ahead for hair transplant surgery was been removed and was being replaced by some other doctor.

 Then I decided to do a research on that replaced doctor I found many shocking results – Firstly – he was not at all a Plastic Surgeon Secondly, found reviews after searching internal Google page results that he had spoiled many hair transplants and many cases have been enforced on him . (If it had been 3 – 4 reviews I can understand its fake, but every time on different websites and on different topics forced me to think again and again whether to go ahead on next day or not.

Next day, I called and told about the case to that clinic.

I even told them that I won’t be interested in having a Hair Transplant surgery. This time, I was ready for a police complaint but was lucky that I got my amount refunded.

Later on found that surgeon via some friend’s reference and decided to do at a cost Rs 45,000 but at high quality and in a professional manner.

Hair Transplant Discount Offers !

Mistakes I made initially :

  • I took a wrong decision of selecting a hair transplant clinic based on the results that were displayed in Google search results. ( I should have done research at least on all top websites of Hair Transplant solutions ,Issues ,problems faced & hair treatment)
  • I got easily convince by the consultants of the clinics (Seems like normal skin doctors more in marketing role), I should have stayed normal 50% -50% at the initial stage when it came to convincing factor.
  • Paid half of the advanced fees right on the very 1st visit to this clinic.

Good Decisions made :

  • Doing research even after making half-payments to the clinic. In this research, I got a clear idea that a Hair Transplant to be done only via an experienced Plastic Surgeon.
  • Lucky to visit the clinic’s website one day before the hair transplant schedule date that the surgeon who was introduced doesn’t exist on the respective doctor’s list and was replaced by some other doctor who was not a surgeon.

(Be Alert – Normal Doctors declared as Surgeons on website or Online search images to attract visitors into convertible hair transplant members later)

  • Doing research online about the newly replaced hair transplant doctor on the internet who had many blacklisted reviews on the internet and also not a plastic surgeon instead was a local doctor who did the course on hair transplant.
  • A good final decision to withdraw at last minute and get it done from the same plastic surgeon that was being removed for cost saving purpose by this clinic.

Do Read:

“Why most of the clinics don’t prefer Plastic Surgeon for cost saving purpose”

Conclusion on Fraud Hair Transplant Doctors Surgeons :

  1. Don’t shortlist hair transplant clinics just by searching the keyword like “Hair transplant in Mumbai” or “Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai” instead of doing a complete research on all aspects of this industry or simply refer this blog articles which was not initially when I did my hair transplant.
  2. I learned why most of the clinics offer at low rate since they are not happy with the Plastic Surgeons per operation cost (They had offered me at low rate discount which had a high level of risk for this lifetime one-time investment of life)
  3. Also to update you the surgeon referred in this blog initially is the same surgery from whom I did my “Hair Transplant Surgery at Rs 45,000″ at a very relative rate with brand quality since this time there were no marketing agents nor any sales team in between. Also happy to see that this blog too refers the same surgeon at that same cost or somewhere around that cost.

So do “book an appointment for any location in India and if you don’t feel confident I tell you guys don’t do it simple – but will advise you to at least book once and give a genuine try”

Book An Appointment Here !

About my Hair Transplant – I did it in February and today I am happy to share this experience to this newly created trustworthy blog. Seriously, you guys are doing a good job of educating everyone and making everyone aware about this rare topic whose internal aspects and issues are not been displayed even on online google search results.

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