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Fraud Hair Transplant Clinic

Fraud Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai.

Fraud Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai :

Hair Transplant in Mumbai or Hair Treatment in Mumbai” or  Hair Regrowth Treatment in Mumbai all mean the same and let me tell you guy’s that it’s not that easy to identify the “Perfect Hair Transplant Clinic” at the very first glance, since if you ask us, we too were on the verge of getting fooled somewhere or the other because of which we decided to write an article on Fraud Hair Transplant Clinic(s).

We 13 out of 21  (Authorised hair transplant experienced members of these blogs) who got treatment for Hair Loss done from wrong local source sometimes based on Ads in Newspaper, sometimes investing a big amount for hardly 2500 grafts and the most common this days is getting a Hair Transplant at a relatively low rate of Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 with fake word of high quality promise. Out of this 13 members, 8 were been forced to do Hair Regrowth treatment or Hair Loss Treatment again for the second time where we finally all met in a get-together arranged by this expert Hair Specialist Surgeon in Mumbai.

Experience of Fraud Hair Transplant Clinic

Name          : Akash D

Profession : HDFC Manager, Andheri  Branch

I Invested around 1.40 Lacs cost for Hair Transplant in Mumbai on Monday 21st Dec 2015 in Andheri – West which now charges hardly less than Rs 50,000 with no proper dedication. Since now they work “Only One Plastic Surgeon for 4 Operations”.

Devesh Mehta (Accenture): I work as Java Developer in Accenture from last 33+ months. Let me tell you my experience how I escape from a Fraud Hair Transplant Clinic which I shortlisted at once when I saw a YouTube Videos of this clinic.

As discussed, I don’t have the right to share the Name of that Clinic but let me tell you how I escape from this.

I was looking for Hair Transplant in Mumbai on Google Search Engine but was not satisfied even after visiting many websites and links since none of them provided any proper info about the same.

I decided to go to YouTube for some help on this rare topic and discovered a video where he tried to show that it is the best.

I went on their Official Website and Booked for an appointment. Even after few days I again rebooked an online website appointment, still no response. Then finally I decided to call them on their board line number and then they “SMS” me the address.

I went to the respective address in Mira Road; (Believe me, the way I was treated was really worst and experienced the real face of this Hair Growth Treatment Industry here)

It was a simple 1BHK to 2BHK Flat with a reception in the first room entrance. Even before welcoming me they told me to fill the form. Even before they ask me for a formality glass of water – they asked me for a consulting fee of Rs 500.

I was really shocked to see this. I had a 10 min argument with them. Finally, the doctor told me that there are many who come for free consulting and run away without giving any consulting charges. Finally, I decided to cool down and went ahead to pay Rs 500 as consulting charges even before I was been told anything about this clinic for Hair Treatment.

I went into the other room and was then explained all about hair transplant but this person was smart who never tried to convince me so it was 50% – 50%  for me to get converted into potential hair transplant customer for them. He told me that I will require 2500 -3000 grafts. With Rs 45 per graft which goes to roughly Rs 1,35,00 plus taxes taking the figure to around Rs 1.50 Lacs.

(Same time my friend got it done in Rs 60,000 (Dec -2015) in some other clinic which I, later on decided to do after my First Hair Transplant Failed which even this blog refers – So do book an appointment here for safe and cost-effective hair transplant below @ Rs 45,000)

Hair Transplant @ Rs 45,000 / –

Coming to the point when the entire discussion was over with the doctor in order to gain trust or to show his marketing strategies he showed his operation theater where there was live hair transplant surgery going on.

I went in with the proper mask and hygiene gloves given to wear (Tried their level best to show that they were professional in all aspects). I discovered one lady doing a transplant on the frontal part of the hair.

 I asked her few things and decided to come out.

The Hair doctor asked me – “When shall we fix a date for hair transplant”. I told him will update you soon.

He then asked me still which date “ I gave him a random date for which he told sorry dear we have our schedule busy 2 – 3 days before and after that day we can directly do it after 2 weeks. I replied ok.

They even told me that “We don’t torture or follow up with every visitor who comes for hair transplant”

Then I decided to leave.

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Observations I discovered from this experience : 

  • The Doctor who had a word with me for this Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai was an MBBS degree and not a Plastic Surgeon. So it was 100% a wrong choice.
  • Taking consulting charges much before you have a proper knowledge or formal intro about the clinic clearly showed it was meant for making business or money.
  • They tried their level best to look like a clinic but it was in the residential apartment of 1BHk or 2BHK Flats at first floor in Mira Road.
  • Since there was a Live Hair transplant going on this MBBS Doctor should not have left the operation theater to come and meet me.
  • Technicians who were doing Hair transplant never had a Doctor next to them which was totally worst and risky.
  • When I Interacted with these technicians doing transplant it was clear cut that they were not trained professionals to do hair transplant instead they were Bcom or BSC girls who were been trained for some weeks to do a hair transplant.
  • They never had a Standard operation theater for hair transplant which looks like this

Hair Transplant Surgery Theater

  • The way they were injecting Anesthesia injections were dangerous.

Final Conclusion: 

Think twice-thrice before selecting any clinics like this. You may end up playing with your own health or even with your life.

Most of the Fraud Hair Transplant Clinics in India have expert marketing & sales MBA consultants which are used to convince your mindset even if you may not have planned to do it.

For Risk-free, cost Effective and safe hair transplant Feel Free to contact and have a direct word with the Plastic Hair Surgeons. Book an Appointment Here.

(Please note: In order to talk to any of these two Surgeons – it will be based on a scheduled time slot.)

Book Appointment Here !

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