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Demand Hair Transplant Clinics India
Demand Hair Transplant Clinics IndiaClinic India

Demand of Hair Transplant Clinics in India.

Demand of Hair Treatment Clinics in India.

“Demand of Hair Replacement Clinics in India” or ”Demand of Hair Restoration Clinics in India” is directly proportional to the cost associated with it.

In India, there is a high scope for Hair Transplant Industry for many citizens of this globe; however selecting the best clinics with the proper Plastic surgeon is crucial.

The cost of Hair Transplant in US, UK, Asia or European Countries is approximately around 4,000 – 6,000 US$ or even more whereas Grade 1 Hair Transplant in India cost around Rs 1,80,000 (2500$)  for 2500 grafts per session.

We the authorised 21 bloggers who have experienced hair transplant (either positive or negative) will like to let you know in today’s article some crucial key points and the rest you can visit throughout this blog to know more in detail.

Please Note: Hair Transplant Patients for foreign tourist – The hair transplant cost is available at much discount rate with the stay and other necessary facilities. The quality delivered will be of high level, utmost care will be taken for every single hair transplant patient right from Airport to hotels to the clinic and back to the airport.

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Why has hair transplant become so popular?

Hair Treatment in India has become so popular because getting your own cool looks in the form of hair back in shape in your desired hairline is the need of this latest generation in which youngster from age 21 to age 55 has also joined together to bring a great demand in this Hair Transplant Industry.

If you think Balding or Hair Loss is a cosmetic problem then let me correct you here that it also plays a major role in depreciating once level of confidence thereby leading to failure in his or her success life path.

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World’s Top Research University report studies says that bald men are given less preference for sex by their potential partners and also considered as least favourite for most of the jobs as compared to those who have good hair. The above points do lead to decrease in confidence as they may feel as less potential or less attractive in their life.

Hence, Hair Transplant or Hair Regrowth Treatment is a one-time life-changing experience that makes you feel good about your own and restores the level of confidence level as well. Hence, it has become so popular.

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Is Hair Transplantation one of the most convenient procedures to undergo?

This is Allen D, (Business Analyst- Infosys, Bangalore) let me tell you that its one of the easiest, convenient and painless procedure to undergo.

In fact, it is so comfortable that while the experts Plastic Surgeons undergoing their surgeries or operation you can meanwhile even watch your favourite movies on your LCD or listen to music on your smartphone which I did during my hair transplant procedures, you can read a magazine or even talk to someone using your headset.

Initially, (First half) when the surgeon was in his first phase of Hair removal from the back side of my hair I was listening to music – It was only for a secs when some anaesthesia injections were injected in my head I feel some pain for 3 – 5 secs and then the rest of the period it was almost smooth. One of the most interesting things happened in the second half when my removed grafts were about to be implanted in the frontal part of my head. I requested the surgeon that I will like to have a Video to know what’s all happening in my head. Yeah, you read it right that I have captured a video shoot of almost 30 min & 21 sec which I have even uploaded on YouTube. You may see many such live surgery shoot videos on YouTube.

Finally, Let me tell you the procedure is 100% safe and with no side effects only if you do it from a Proper “Plastic Surgeon” else done expect the results its that simple.

“Why MMBS Doctors started doing Hair Transplant which is very risky”.

Will the procedure also help change my appearance as well?

Hair Transplantation is considered as a skilful procedure, however, due to heavy demand in the hair transplantation industry has brought many fake clinics to exist especially in a country called India where most of them focus on low cost more than quality for which they suffer after 4 months of surgery due to lack of plastic surgeon. But, if performed via clinics or hospitals which have expert surgeons, trained technicians and good operation theatre with good equipment can really bring a change to recreate your hairline and fill up your bald patches. This effectively restores your youthful appearance and in turn helps you to re-establish your confidence.

What is the Cost required for Hair Transplant FUE in India?

How can we go ahead any article without discussing the topic of the cost? Let me tell you it’s the cost which is responsible for most of the Success and Failure of Hair Transplant in India.

General people click on the Google search paid results without doing research on this rare topic and get diverted to wrong clinics or clinics who are professional but have high quality and price as well. So low cost looking hair transplant members generally stay away from such clinics and go with the wrong one.

Up till now, we know that Plastic Surgeon or expert cosmetic surgeon is very crucial for any Hair Replacement operations.

So do read this highly visited article of this blog to know more much about cost diversification much in detail.

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“Hair Transplant Cost with the Mandatory Surgeon.”


“Why Hair Transplant Cost Below Rs 40,000 – Totally a Fraud”.

 However, we have a different rate for different locations. “Hair Regrowth Treatment in Mumbai” done via Plastic Surgeon is Rs 45,000 whereas the rate differs from other location.

Believe in Quality more than the Cost else will better recommend you that you don’t do it if you can’t invest anything around “Rs 45,000” else there are many Fraud clinics which will offer you at Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000 but you will suffer and get to know only after 6 months.

Why Book an Appointment via Hair Transplant Indian?

Right here won’t like to convince you on this topic instead will let you know through our blog articles itself about the real truth and our perfect Hair Regrowth referral for every location.

Here, we all 21 authorised “Hair Transplant Experienced” members of this blog who had positive as well as negative results have done hair transplantation via one surgeon in Mumbai because of which we decided to start this blog to educate in the right direction.

Only Surgeons associated with this blog are truly expert 15 years+ Plastic Surgeon or Few Cosmetic Surgeon but who have entire experience only doing cosmetic surgery.

Here, we don’t support any MBBS doctors or MBBS doctors who have done the course in Hair Transplant. Since the 92% failure in this industry is only through operations done via Non-Surgeons like MBBS Doctors or BHMS doctors who refer you has Hair Transplant Experts. (Always better check their original degree with the year of passing which clearly gives you a clue whether it’s a proper Plastic Surgeon or MBBS Doctors or Non-Surgeons went for the latest last 7 years hair transplantation course)

So if you are satisfied feel free to book an appointment or Whatsapp us on the desired cell no given on the home page.

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